As we grow and develop our mission, it’s vital that we have the right people in the right place to achieve all that we are setting out to do.

We have a great team, but we are always seeking to build and strengthen it: by shuffling people around where necessary, training up our existing staff, and occasionally adding new people who we believe will help us to grow and reach more people for Jesus.

With this in mind, we are currently looking for a CAP Debt Centre Manager, as well as an Intern for 2018-19.

Here are the role specs:

CAP Centre Manager Role Description (starting May-ish)
This is a pivotal role, managing and growing our Debt Centre: seeing 40+ clients a year, helping them manage their money and deal with debt, as well as enthusiastically inviting them to hear the Good News of Jesus. A passion for evangelism is absolutely essential; but some admin skills would also be helpful!

Intern Role Description (starting September-ish)
Our interns in the past have been the backbone of our team; taking a year out to serve God at Chapel, but also to learn, study, grow and work out what God is calling them to do in the next phase of their lives.

So please be thinking and praying about these roles: that God would provide the right person to fill them (maybe you??). If you know anyone who fits the bill, feel free to forward this onto them. The only thing we would ask is that they are/or become a member of our church (at least for the time they are in the role).