Stressed? Anxious? Angry? Sick? Weary? Hurt? Anxious? Why not try prayer?

Most of us have prayed at some time: for our favourite team to win at football, for our lottery numbers to come up, for help in an exam, or maybe we’ve just exclaimed “Oh God!” when we’ve been afraid or frustrated. Whatever religious or non-religious background you’re from, we believe anyone can pray, and its something that most people have done at some point, whether they realised it or not! Prayer is really really simple: you can pray inside your head or out loud; on the bus, at home or in a café. It’s a simple act of saying something to God. Kind of like a conversation.

And, at Westminster Chapel, we believe that prayer works. Well, we don’t just believe it, we’ve seen it, with our own eyes. That’s why we’re here today. We want to offer prayer to anyone and everyone walking past our church. We want to open up our church for people to come in and be prayed for. Because, we believe it helps, and it could help you.

Life isn’t always easy, and you might be going through something right now that is really testing you: you might be struggling to find hope, or think that there will ever be a solution. We ask you this simple question: have you tried praying about it? It might sound ridiculous to you, but why not try it… have you really got anything to lose?

We’ll be on the front steps every Monday between 1-2pm to welcome you into our church, and to offer to pray with you, if that’s something you’d like. 

Please do pop in, for a hot drink and a chance to hear more about prayer and to give it a try. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that today, why not visit and read what they have to say. Or pop back next week: we’ll be here!