In April 2019 we lost two very treasured members of our church. In Jesus’ teaching there is incredible hope for all who have died believing in Him. They will certainly be with Him in heaven now, and are looking forward to living with Him forever in the new heaven and new earth. So Christians do not need to grieve in the same way as those who do not have such a hope (1 Thessalonians 4:13). However, it is right to mourn their passing, and to remember their lives. Below are two short tributes written by people in Westminster Chapel about these two incredible people.

Terence Mitchell

These brief impressions are drawn mainly from encounters with Terence during the last 10 years or so of his time as a member of Westminster Chapel. We enjoyed a pleasant fraternal friendship developed through our conversations together – usually after the Chapel’s early morning Sunday prayer meetings.

And he was a good conversationalist!; erudite but never stuffy; clear-thinking; knowledgable; open to ideas and focussed on the things which interested him; old school but not old-fashioned.

He displayed a youthful enthusiasm for life and seemed refreshingly unencumbered by the mindset and attitudes which can so often accompany ageing! He made concessions to old age reluctantly – still cycling to Chapel from Chelsea until his mid-eighties. From my observation, his attitude to the cancer which affected him about 10 years ago was almost matter of fact – “Trust the doctors, trust God – and get on with life”.

He joined the Chapel about 25 years ago, drawn here because of its’ stance on the centrality of the bible and commitment to evangelism. These two passions ran alongside each other not only in his long and distinguished career at the British Museum but also in his active involvement in various Christian causes. These included The Gideons, SASRA and co-leading a monthly ministry at Chapel praying for persecuted Christians in other countries. It was in these Christian interests that I felt I saw the real measure of the man. Never a bigot; always a faithful enthusiast for the cause of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the course of our conversations, he was always warm in the affectionate interest which he expressed for family members and their spiritual wellbeing. In his latter years, as a church we shared Terence with St Andrew’s, Chelsea. He spoke highly of the ministry and fellowship he enjoyed there. I am sure he will be greatly missed both by his family and those who knew and loved him in both church congregations.

(Written by Stephen Sloan)

Antje Wielebski

I want to give thanks for Antje’s life and the impact she had on all of us. Antje was truly a special light in our lives and radiated joy and life in a tangible way. She was an amazing communicator and connector of people, and her memorial was a testimony to this as people from all walks of life and many corners of the globe came together. This is Antje.

The Main Hall where the memorial was held was pretty significant to Antje. It was where I met her around 4 years ago, it was where she was baptized and it was where she used to help out on the cooking team, serving up delicious meals on a Sunday. So it seems quite fitting that we held her memorial in the same room. I am sure she would have approved!

There are many things I admired about Antje; from the moment I met her, I saw how she lived her life to the full day to day. She was adventurous, totally up for trying new things and tackling everything life threw at her. She was also fiercely independent and gorgeously cheeky! Her smile and laugh were infectious and I will cherish all the giggles we had over the years.

Most of all I loved her strength and dignity, maintaining real hope and joy through every trial and setback. Our long chats into the night would always conclude with her saying that whatever happened with her health and however painful things got, she wanted it all to be used to glorify God. And in those last few days in the hospice, Antje was ready to meet Him, saying many times how excited she was.

So I thank God every single day for this beautiful soul, I will miss her terribly but I know I shall see her again and what remains here, is the love she poured in to the lives of each and every person.

(Written by Esther McGee)