Being an Intern has included lots of great experiences and challenges throughout the year. I was an Intern at Westminster Chapel in London and my duties were mainly Foodbank, admin and kids work. Alongside the church stuff, I also travelled to Bristol every 6 weeks for our Impact training.

One of my personal highlights of the year was being part of an amazing and diverse church. By working for a church I have learned so much and have seen what goes on behind the scenes. Chapel taught me what being part of a church family really means. I loved serving the church, getting to know everyone and making friends from all over the world. Another highlight was growing enormously in faith. The staff team here at Chapel were incredible role models and imitating their faith and obedience to God has been extremely challenging. Furthermore, listening to phenomenal preachers like RT Kendall, Terry Virgo, Greg Haslam, and so many more has taught me how important it is to read and study God’s Word thoroughly. I also did the Freedom In Christ course, which helped me to deal with a lot of issues like anxiety, which prevented me from maturing and growing.

If I had to choose one overall highlight from the year, the Impact training was definitely it. We covered so many different topics, like the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, spiritual gifts and Evangelism. We also studied individual books in the Bible like Romans, the Gospels (+ so much more). The amount of knowledge I gained this year was tremendous. Our teachers at Impact were so helpful and incredibly patient with us!

One of the projects I’ve been heavily involved with is the Westminster Foodbank. Working with the needy and the poor was a tough experience, but rewarding at the same time. Seeing as I’ve always wanted to study Social Work and work with people in need, this was my favourite part of working at Chapel. Foodbank also provided great opportunities to share the Gospel, which for me is always something I have struggled with. I didn’t mind talking about my faith and what I believe, but asking others questions about their beliefs used to be really hard for me. Over the year I think I definitely grew in the area of evangelism; now sharing the Gospel is so much easier and I feel incredible every time I step out in faith. Another thing I helped out with was our CAP Debt Centre. Andy, who is running the debt centre at our church, has such compassion and a heart for the poor and the needy, which is really contagious. I visited one client with him and it was amazing to see how he talked to them, and also how relieved the client was after hearing about the service CAP offers. Again this was an opportunity to share the Gospel. We saw a lot of clients from Foodbank and CAP coming to church, some regularly, others only a few times, but we are sure that all of them received the message and God will do the rest.

To sum up, I would definitely recommend Impact to everyone who wants to grow and mature in faith. This year has taught me how to fully rely on God and that He IS faithful. God’s provision this year was insane; whenever I was lacking something God gave it to me the next day. Whether it was money or food, He provided it. If you always wanted to know what it’s like to work for a church, having no money and fully leaning on God then please do the Impact year and see for yourself.