There are some men whose grace and skill in debating sets them apart and makes you glad they’re on your team. One such man is William Lane Craig, though I know him more by reputation than personal experience.

He is somewhat of a legend in apologetics circles because of his gifting on the debating floor. In fact, he is such a formidable opponent that on numerous occasions atheists have either refused point-blank to engage him in public debate, or having accepted the invitation, turned it down at a later date with fairly lame excuses.

One example of a man who will not debate Craig is Professor Richard Dawkins.

I have never seen Craig debate, but I was excited to hear that he’s doing a tour here in the UK. There are a couple of events in London, including a training day held in our building. It would have been amazing to witness Stephen debating the religious authorities of his day, since “they could not withstand the wisdom and the Spirit with which he was speaking” (Acts 6:10). Perhaps hearing Craig is the next best thing available today?

Intrigued? I certainly am.