All of us have succumbed to some form of superficiality. We amass deceptively long lists of Facebook friends, we subscribe to shallow explanations for the meaning of life and we make our existence largely about our own personal happiness and success. However nice these things feel on the surface, underneath this kind of self-deception always leads to spiritual and emotional disorder, depression and emptiness.

What causes this? In her seminal book Trapped in the Mirror, Elan Golomb suggests one explanation: “They [Generation Me, aka narcissists] unconsciously deny an unstated and intolerably poor self-image through inflation. They turn themselves into glittering figures of immense grandeur surrounded by psychologically impenetrable walls. The goal of this self-deception is to be impervious to greatly feared external criticism and to their own rolling sea of doubts.”

What our nation needs – what we need – is a dose of reality in this dangerously superficial world. That’s what this new series is all about; teaching solid foundational Truths you can build your life upon. The series will explore seven topics that affect us daily.

16th October – Original God

23rd October – Original Identity

30th October – Original Sex

6th November – Original Lies

[Break for Remembrance Sunday]

20th November – Original Justice

27th November – Original Family

4th December – Original Ancestry

We’ll be approaching each one by looking at the oldest book of the Bible, Genesis, which gives the ORIGINAL blueprint for human flourishing. In it you’ll learn who you really are, what you’re here for and how you can make the most of the rest of your life.

The proverbial wool has been pulled over too many people’s eyes, especially about God. So instead of falling for the trap of looking to yourself for the answers, why not join us as we turn to the One who has the ultimate answers. Don’t be someone who always swallows ‘the red pill’ (Matrix reference!), but rather free your mind by taking a dose of Biblical reality, and see how deep the spiritual rabbit-hole goes…

Join us on this journey: Sunday mornings at 11am, 16th October – 4th December 2016.