When RT Kendall spoke at the Chapel earlier this year, he gave an amazing and insightful list of how to ‘Finish Well’ in your Christian life. Here’s his list, but really I’d urge you to listen to the message to get the full picture.

1. Don’t put yourself above Scripture but put yourself under it (have a bible reading plan)

2. Be accountable to reliable people

3. Be clean when it comes to finances – be generous towards God

4. Maintain sexual purity

5. Come to terms with jealousy

6. Be willing not to get the credit for what you do

7. Always keep your word – integrity

8. Live in total forgiveness – let your enemy off the hook – no bitterness. Pray for them and bless them.

9. Be a thankful person – thankful people live longer. For things that happened today.

10. Maintain a strong person prayer life.