The Worlds True King | Jesus Faces His Judges | Matthew 26: 47 – 56

Millions have benefitted from Christ’s final sufferings, not least because we’ll face some of them ourselves.  We can learn from Jesus.

Listen to the message

In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus knew that he only had hours to live. He was to face a rigged trial, ending in a death sentence. But this was a all planned by God, in order to atone from our sin. At the trial, the priests and teachers of the law were blind to divine realities and truths, otherwise it never would have happened in the first place. We must be ever careful not to blind ourselves to God’s truth. We are ourselves on personal trial. We cannot be unaffected by God’s utterances. In v63, the priest is trying to get Jesus to blaspheme by saying that he is God, and what an answer Jesus gives! He claims, unequivocal equivalence with God. In response to this, we have only two options: believe in him, or dismiss him, as the Jews did.


Have you decided who Jesus is yet?
Have you discovered yet what Jesus can do?
Have you ever tried reading a gospel? Give it a try, and see how the Words of God sink under your skin!