The World’s True King | Authority and Obedience | Matthew 21:23-32

Becoming a people submitted to God.

Listen to the message

In yet another confrontation with religious leaders, Jesus is challenged as to the source of his authority. His reply to them, however, turns the tables on them, revealing that they are motivated by pride and not humility. The question is relevant still, how ought we respond to the claims of Jesus? In the parable that follows this confrontation, Jesus compares two radically different responses of sons to their father’s request and authority. In comparing the two, Jesus challenges his hearers, both then and now: will they repent and obey the Father, as the first son? Or will they pay Him mere ceremonial lip-service, as the second son does?



  1. Do we challenge Jesus’ authority over our lives, just as the religious leaders questioned his authority? Are there areas in your life where you are challenging his claims? Finances, relationships, etc.?
  2. If Jesus/the Bible challenges our thinking or actions, how are we likely to react? Like the religious leaders, in pretending ignorance, evading, or even resisting? Or more like Job, who humbly recognised that God was in charge and knew what he was doing.
  3. Are you like the second son? Do you tend to offer God an outward respect while neglecting to follow through?
  4. How will you respond to Jesus’ claim on your life? Will you question it, reject it, or will you accept it and submit to Him? The last response only will lead to blessings.