Release | Workaholism | Colossians 3:18-4:1

Work is often an oppressive evil to many. God never intended that. How can we dignify our work, and enjoy our workplace better than we do?

Listen to the message

Ancient Greek thinking disregarded any work other than intellectual, philosophical pursuits, as an undignified necessary evil. In many ways this has influenced us today. Whether it is giving higher regard to white-collared workers over labourers or deeming church-work as ‘more sacred’ than anything else, we often fall into the trap of believing that some jobs are more important than others. But this view is not biblical. In the beginning, everything God made was declared as ‘good’, there was no sacred-secular divide. Now, after the fall of man the only thing that is ‘secular’ is sinful work. As long as you are not doing anything immoral or illegal you can be working for God’s glory. Every part of our life can be redeemed by the gospel and the Holy Spirit working in you. When this happens, we start to find meaning and satisfaction in the work we do as it brings more and more glory to God.

4 things to remember:
– Christ is your boss, therefore your work is a part of your worship.
– Work is relational, it’s not about climbing over others. Promotion comes from God.
– Work is a ministry, not just a job.
– Christ will reward you!


In an ideal world, would there be any work?

Do you deem some types of work more important than others?

If you have lost extrinsic rewards do you lose your motivation or do you keep going for God’s reward?