Ephesians | Demolishing Dividing Walls | Ephesians 2:11-22

The greatest impassable wall in the New Testament was the Jew v. Gentile conflict.  Christ pulls down such walls.

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The church is God’s invention and God’s intention. We need to be envisioned by His plan for church, rather than turning it into what we want it to be. There is no better place than Ephesus to see what God wants his church to be. In God’s church, there is no class or colour distinction – he is revealing us as a new community on the earth by bringing down dividing walls everywhere. Despite being in London; a city that fosters distant and often cold relationships, God wants to create many new, real and lasting relationships in and through His church.


Are you in conflict with anyone inside/outside the church? – Go and be reconciled!
Do you have a vision for a unified church community?
Are you investing emotionally in being part of a church?