Ephesians | Coming Back From the Dead | Ephesians 2:1-10 

The greatest miracle of all is permanent reversal from death 

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Firstly each of us must discover the reality of a wasted life without God (v. 1-2). It is a universal condition that we begin life spiritually dead to all that really matters and destined for separation from God after death. In this state, as the ‘living dead’ we gratify desires that cannot satisfy and we lack lasting solutions for life’s complex problems. This natural condition but its effects can be reversed when God reveals his love and mercy to us (v.4-10). Whenever we turn to Jesus for his mercy, he will give it to us and release grace to us that we do not deserve. We experience the miracle of new life in Christ and he makes us spiritually alive. We are radically changed and remade from the inside.


What idols are you drawn to? Who is pulling your strings?
How are we to live in response to this miracle of new life that we have been given?
What can we learn from life of Paul before and after he was brought to life in Christ?