By Greg Cooper (a member of our students & 20’s group)

‘If one denies God, one is worshiping some things of this world in the belief that one sees them only as such, but in fact imagining the attributes of Divinity in them.’

This rather wordy quote (from the memoirs of atheist commentator Darcey Steinke) contains a simple truth: either we choose God, or we choose idolatry; either we find our rest and security in our Creator, or we strive to find it in created things.

On the Saturday of our weekend away, Andrew Lawrence used this concept as the launching point for a thought-provoking and challenging talk about security. Where can we find it? What does it look like when we have it? What’s the effect of having it?

We’d been spending the weekend looking at the story of Joseph and his relationships with God and those around him. For this talk, Andrew explained how, at one of Joseph’s lowest points (and he went through some pretty tough times), he always had a foundation of security and freedom in God.

It is perhaps ironic that Joseph learnt this when, for all intents and purposes, he wasn’t free. He was in prison. Those who’d promised to help him had forgotten about him. A promising career was in tatters.

With all his idols gone, Joseph had to learn to delight himself in God and realise that to find freedom, he must search for security in God alone – that he, Joseph, had a part in God’s story, not God in his.

Once this process was underway, he was freed (spiritually) to assume that his circumstances, whatever they might have been, were according to God’s will. This submission produced in him such boldness and security, that he eventually rose right to the very top of Pharaoh’s government.

So how do we get this security?

Andrew explained that we have to be open to be led by the Holy Spirit to remove idols from our lives. As part of this process, the Holy Spirit will affirm our relationship with Him in our hearts. We will find that more and more, we will want to submit to God’s will, which further affirms that we are children of God. With the assurance of this Solid Rock, we can move forward in life with a peace that transcends all understanding, strong security in Christ, and sheer boldness in sharing our faith.