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By Josh Harvey

After his defeat to Clubber Lang, Rocky jettisons a luxurious hotel gymnasium in favour of a sweaty basement gym in inner-city Los Angeles. The two things that help him regain his cutting edge, the “eye of the tiger”, are first to acknowledge his prior fears and mistakes, and secondly his great friendship with Apollo Creed (whose son is the main character in the most recent film). Rocky goes on to regain his title and humiliate his opponent in the process.

If we want to be radical, like Jesus, first, we must admit our mistakes: our irrational fears and the wrong thinking that caused us to find solace in being “civilised” instead of our identity as God’s sons. Second, we must repent of them and make every effort to support, challenge and motivate one another to settle for nothing less than God’s best for us, our families and our Church.

The closer we are to God, and each other, the more radical we will become, the more tables we will turn and the more God will be glorified.

Being radical isn’t about “sticking it to the Man”, checking out of society or cultivating a controversial online persona. Being radical is about doing whatever it takes to honour God, regardless of the personal cost or sacrifice. Jesus was truly radical; He calls us to follow in His footsteps. He does not call us to be “civilised”. He does not call us to be “nice guys”.