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By Josh Harvey

Once Jesus had expelled the traders, order was established and true worship could take place. It had been a trying episode for Him, but it was worth it for this. Whenever you face a spiritual battle, always remember what (and Who) you are fighting for.

Sadly, this restoration was only temporary. Three years later Jesus returned to the temple and it was as if His first visit never happened (Mark 11:15). Order would only have remained if Jesus had stayed in the temple, but He had a greater work to do that would ultimately render the temple redundant.

Jesus may not have been able to dedicate his time to restore order in the Jerusalem temple, but we CAN focus on where God has put us, including in Westminster Chapel. We can be hopeful that when we spot issues and take difficult action to address them, the gains may be lasting.

Conquered ground can always be lost if it is not defended, so we must never be complacent. If we stand firm we can hold our ground and see new areas of breakthrough. Our individual lives, areas of responsibility and our Church represent spiritual territory that we must fiercely protect. This is daunting, but God has given us the Holy Spirit to equip us for this task and assure us of God’s love for us no matter what else happens.

He has also given us one another as comrades to fight alongside one another, a band of brothers focused on one mission – to see God move and use us to His glory. That is why we have a Men’s Ministry, so we can encourage, motivate and challenge one another to pursue this goal; that we may seek God and advance His Kingdom in our Church, city and nation.