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Jesus was unique and as God’s Son had a unique authority to take action in the temple. However, note that His actions ultimately stemmed from a zeal for His “Father’s house”.

If you are a Christian, God is your Father and His glory must be your motivation. He was glorified when the money changers were ejected; He is glorified when we speak harsh truths in order to facilitate repentance and faith; and He is glorified when we take responsibility for those under our care and take difficult decisions that result in positive change.

The Chapel’s Leadership Team is responsible for pastoring Church members, and the Leadership Team’s decisions are motivated by a desire to see God glorified in and through all of those members. However, we as men also have a role to play. We have responsibility for our own lives, as well as our families. We also have a role to play in wider Church life. If you really care about seeing God’s kingdom come at Westminster Chapel, like Jesus in the temple, you will do all you can to make it happen.

Men often have a propensity to avoid responsibility and let someone else take ownership. Adam was the first to do this when he blamed Eve for eating the fruit, even though he was there and could have intervened at any point. The fall-out from that act of cowardice continues to reverberate today. Thankfully, Jesus took responsibility for our sin, by dying in our place, so that the penalty for sin could be paid, that our sins could be forgiven and the slate wiped clean forever. This was confirmed when He rose from the dead and He imparts new life to those who repent of sin and put their faith in Him.

Jesus took ownership for seeing God’s will accomplished, even though it wasn’t easy. He calls us to do the same that we may see the same result…