Release | Freedom from Fear | 2 Timothy 1:1-7; 2:1-3

One of the greatest battles we can sometimes face is ‘Fear’. It can cripple or neutralise us. Here’s help to beat it.

Listen to the message

Fear can either cripple you or be the making of you. It all depends on what you fear, the world or God? A fear that comes from God’s creation rather than God himself will always be harmful. It comes out of the flesh and diverts our attention away from Jesus, stops us obeying his instruction and distances us from those around us. We can be freed from that harmful fear when we refocus our attention on the creator of all things. And as we do, the things that used to cripple us start to fade into insignificance.


Big Questions

Which fear grips you? A fear of the world or a fear of God?

Are you falling for the traps of Satan to fear God’s own creation rather than the Creator himself?

What is God telling you to do that you don’t do due to fear?