The World’s True King | Turning the Tables | Matthew 21:12-22

The secret to abundant fruitfulness

Listen to the message 

Faced with religious hypocrisy – in this case, people changing money in God’s temple – Jesus is angry and overturns the tables, showing that hypocrisy and religious ‘should-ery’ and ‘ought-ery’ are detestable to God. In the same passage, Jesus curses a fig tree for its fruitlessness – both are pictures of what the church can become when it focuses on legalism but neglects to produce real fruit. The real and abundant fruitfulness we all long for can only be the product of heartfelt compassion, childlike praise, powerful authority* (*faith in God’s, not our own), and faith-filled prayer.



Are you full of heartfelt compassion or are you making yourself comfortable?

What does Jesus need to drive out of your heart today?

Have you drifted in his mission in your life?

Do you know the pain of unfruitfulness?

Are you willing to let the church change and make sacrifices to produce lasting fruit?