The Worlds True King | The Value of Jesus | Matthew 26:6-16

It costs some people all they can give for Jesus. Other people try to get all they can get from Jesus. What is Christ worth to you?

Listen to the message

This passage contrasts a woman who valued Jesus more than any earthly possession, with Judas, who took all he could from Jesus. In this country, it costs us fairly little to follow Jesus: we are so prosperous, and there is little risk in worshipping Jesus. Yet a woman (Mary), who had very little, poured out her finest perfume as an act of worship and sacrifice at her saviour’s feet. By contrast, Judas was willing to trade the King of Kings for 30 pieces of silver. These passage serve as a warning against devaluing Christ.


What has it cost you to follow Jesus?
Are we so keen on fitting in, that we are unwilling to sacrifice for Jesus?
What is Christ worth to you?