The World’s True King |  The Point of It All | Matthew 22:34-46

It’s time to see whether you and God have the same priority

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The Pharisees asked Jesus which is the greatest commandment of the law. In answering them Jesus challenged both camps that people often fall into. He challenges the religious who focus on rules as the way to right-living and he challenges those who claim to be guided by love but redefine it according to their terms not God’s. He reveals that the law is ultimately about a Person and right-living towards others flows from loving him.

After answering them Jesus asked the Pharisees what their view of him was. Their response reveals that they had a wrong view of Christ and therefore wrong thinking and expectations about his purpose. We too can have a shallow or wrong view of Christ and consequently miss out on the spectacular promise for believers to share in his calling, reign with him and reflect him to the world.



  • What is your ‘life rule’? What flavours everything you do? Are you happy with that being your life rule until the end of your life?
  • What is your view of Christ?
  • Do you hunger to reflect Jesus to the world?