The World’s True King | The Guilty Sacrifice | Matthew 27:1-10

Judas died because he could not live with his guilt. Jesus died so that you would not have to live with yours.

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When remorse for his betrayal hits him, Judas, overcome with guilt, takes his own life. Judas tried to offload his guilt on the High Priests. They in turn tried to ignore their guilt. Only Christ takes our guilt on as his own and pays for it. Josh asks, will we be like Judas and try deal with our guilt on our own or go to Jesus, God’s King sacrificed for our forgiveness?



  1. If you aren’t yet a citizen of Christ’s kingdom, why not go to him for forgiveness, freedom, and a new trajectory, as Peter and Paul did, instead of trying to deal with your guilt on your own, as Judas did?
  2. If you are a Christian and are troubled by the guilt of something you’ve done, how can you apply the attitude of Paul, a former persecutor and blasphemer, expressed in Phil. 3:12-14 to your life?
  3. Josh distinguished between objective and subjective guilt (that is we may be guilty without feeling it or we may feel guilty without actually being so). If the cross and resurrection has dealt once for all with our objective guilt, what should we do when we feel subjective guilt? How can we avoid feeling wrongfully condemned while also welcoming the Holy Spirit bringing a sense of conviction and godly sorrow?