The World’s True King | Spot the difference: Sheep & Goats | Matthew 25:31-26:5

Often groups of professing Christians are a ‘ragbag’ of authentic, and fakes.  What makes us real?

Listen to the message

Sheep and goats are both very similar in their appearance and their behaviours. And that’s a danger for us, because we can be easily fooled. But God knows the difference between us and no matter what attributes or possessions or deeds we have earned or done, in front of Him we will either be a sheep or a goat. Sheep are those in a relationship with Jesus, they have a shepherd. On the final day of judgment that is the most important distinction; are you a goat or a sheep? Sheep hear and respond to Jesus’ voice and goats don’t. That’s the difference we need to care about most. Once you know the shepherd, your heart starts to change, His eagerness to serve others will start to become yours. He transforms us from the inside out without any need for approval or to earn anything in return. We have the greatest prize we could have ever asked for; the Good Shepherd.


Have you just heard Jesus’ voice as background noise, or have you received it into your heart?
Do you know the shepherd?