The World’s True King | Jesus Before Pilate | Matthew 27: 11-31

Jesus moves from the hissing hatred of the Sanhedrin, to the fire of Pontius Pilate’s injustice.

Listen to the message

Some of us will have duties to do that we don’t willingly volunteer for, that we don’t want to do. Many of us here might feel like Pilate: a secular judge, possibly curious about this Jewish carpenter stood before him. Jesus would have cut a sorry figure. He would have been bloody, terrible and disabled . But somehow he stood dignified and silent before the Roman judge, not mounting any defence (v14): Jesus made no reply… To the great amazement of the governor. Wouldn’t most be on their knees begging for mercy? It was because he knew his destiny. We must respond to this by recognising who Jesus is. He is God’s son, our saviour, our king: he will stand before you one day, unless you meet him with faith now, you will one day meet him and be condemned.


Which ‘son’ will you choose? The Barabbas of the world? Or Jesus?
If someone had a record of everything you’ve ever done, in private and public, would you mind people seeing it?
Do you recognise the quiet dignity of Christ around anyone you know?