The World’s True King | Faithful or Slothful | Matthew 25:14-30

Ejecting hellish laziness out of your lifestyle by being faithful in the ‘small things’

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You live in a world that is not yours. You are not the master of your world, your own life or your own soul; God is. This God is incredibly wealthy in everything and he is eager to share it with us. The greatest of these gifts is the gift of the gospel, which has saved you not only from actively sinning but also from your laziness. The obedient servants in this passage seized the talents they had been given and excitedly they went out to make the most of them. Using these talents means being a servant to others, willing to do the menial tasks. But the servant who does nothing in response of the grace on offer faces a terrifying prospect. There is a level of disobedience that faces the ultimate rejection; if we choose to do nothing with this grace then we deserve hell. So do we grab hold of what God has given us and make the most of it, or do we ignore it, shift blame on others and fail to make anything of our lives?


Are you active in all areas of your life except one? What is that one area?
Are you ready to give account for your life?
Are you aware of how much you’ve been given and by whom?
Are you eagerly being faithful in the small things?
What false excuses do you use to justify your laziness?