The World’s True King | Failing to see Jesus | Matthew 26: 31-35 & 26:69-75

Looking at Peter’s denial of Jesus, what valuable lessons can we learn to help us fully experience the love and devotion of the World’s True King?

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Summary (This was a Tag-Preach)
Matthew 26: 31-35
Would you deny Jesus like Peter famously did? Well Peter didn’t think he would when Jesus predicted it! There’s a huge lesson that we can learn from this story about the effect and problem of pride in our lives. But first we mustn’t point the finger at Peter, but acknowledge that all of us have betrayed and denied Jesus in our own lives. This can bring us to the point of necessary humility that allows us something pride hides; to be able to see and savour Jesus’s love. Peter’s first problem was that he made everything about himself and his own faithfulness rather than about Jesus’ and His faithfulness. Secondly, Peter refused to take Jesus’ word as definite, authoritative and final. Finally Peter still hadn’t pieced the whole biblical picture together and seen that all the prophecies would come true; even the one about the sheep being scattered. Are you like Peter?

Matthew 26:69-75
Now we see Peter’s denial in the flesh and it is harrowing. It shows us that even the most unlikely of saints can fall dramatically, and in public! Where have you denied Jesus? Where are you most susceptible to following society in its rejection of God? The truth is that as Christians we are being watched by people around us, often being held more accountable for our actions and words. The first question is, what do people observe? And second, do you back up your actions with your words? What about when being faithful to Jesus means clashing with society? These are all challenges that we’re going to face when we follow Jesus, but the incredible thing is that even when we are faithless, He is faithful. Furthermore, as He did with Peter, He offers us a second chance when we mess up. Do you need that second chance today?


Do you always take Jesus at His word?
Where are you vulnerable to denial?
Does the world recognise you as a follower of Jesus?