The World’s True King | Everyone’s Invited to the Party, But Are You Wearing the Right Clothes? | Matthew 22:1-14

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God is having a wedding banquet and he wants all people to come and celebrate with him. He is a good God; not angry and mean (as some would see him), and he cannot deny his righteousness. His chosen people kept rejecting him; therefore they were judged – we sometimes mirror this rejection in our own lives… and therefore we deserve judgement. But is this harsh? Again and again we reject the almighty God of the universe. This is an eternal sin that deserves to be punished eternally, but His goodness continues. People will be invited to the celebration: Jew and gentile, slave and free, prostitute and chaste. But there will be an inspection: the right attire was still expected to honour the king. The invitation had gone out to all people, but in our story, this man in the wrong clothes got kicked out. This man lacked the clothes of good deeds. He was not welcome. We can’t earn our salvation by works, but works will evidence our saving faith.


Are we wearing the right clothes?
Do we see this fruit in our lives?
Do we treausure Jesus Christ?