The World’s True King | Confronting Dead Religion | Matthew 23:1-39

Jesus risked his life by challenging hypocrites.  Find out why.

Listen to the message

At Christmastime especially, we think of Jesus as ‘Gentle Jesus Meek and Mild’.  But is this what Jesus is really like? No way! Don’t mistake ‘Meekness’ for ‘Weakness’ in Jesus!  Everything Jesus says in this passage is applicable to a once-Christianised Europe. Jesus challenges the Pharisees and religious leaders, outlining seven woes they were facing: legalism, ‘posing’, coveting status, displaying false zeal to win a following, superstition and super-spirituality, man-made traditions, and religious pride and violence. Woe to us if we got a telling-off like that from Jesus!



Have you been hurt in the past by dead religion?

Are you following a set of codes or behaviours to make yourself seem more spiritual to God and others?

Are you willing to follow and obey the real Jesus?