World’s True King | Are you ready for Christ’s return? | Matthew 24:36-51

All the signs in history point to Christ’s return. How can we live purposefully until then?

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Jesus teaches his disciples three mysteries concerning the end of history in order to help them, and us, live in readiness for his second coming. Many will be taken by surprise; Jesus included, so it will be necessary for the church to remain ready at all times. Furthermore the last days involve hard truths and eternal consequences that we need to be aware of and prepared for because after Jesus returns there are no repeats, extensions, or do-overs.


Are you ready for Christ’s return? What things in your life tend to distract you away from the things with eternal consequences and lasting value? How can you change your priorities to reflect true and eternal values?

Greg shared a story of Shackleton’s men awaiting rescue in Antarctica for seven months. Every morning until the explorer returned, his second in command would encourage his men, ‘Lads roll up your sleeping bags, the boss might be here today.’ Do you live with a similar expectation towards the 2nd coming of the true boss, Jesus? How should your attitudes and actions be shaped by this hope?

Jesus said his return would come unexpectedly like a thief in the night (v. 43). How should the surprise and certainty of Christ’s return and the permanence of Heaven and Hell challenge us in the Church? How can we ‘stay awake’ as we carry out the commission Jesus left with us?