The World’s True King | Welcoming Christ’s Presence | Matthew 21: 1-11

Jesus’ pilgrimage to the Passover means he can gatecrash any party he pleases!

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Jesus continually visits continents, nations, and people groups with his power. We can see it from Church history, and we can see it happening today across the globe. But, we need to be awake to his presence. Jesus’  disciples had to follow his orders to the letter, as do we. Just as he decided to enter Jerusalem in an unexpected way – a donkey – we can be sure that there’ll come a time in our lives when the Lord requires us for something special. We need to welcome Jesus’ presence. Nothing else can reverse our moral and spiritual decline. We must be responsive and obedient, real, humble and enthusiastic. If we truly believe that we were destined for death but are now alive, how can we not cry out?



Is there anything in your life that you know is getting in the way of fine-tuning your heart to the spirit’s prompting?

Are your coming to Jesus with any conditions attached to your obedience?

Has the truth of what Jesus has done for you hit home? Does your passion and exuberance bear witness to this?

The crowd recognised and Jesus welcomed Jesus as their prophet, their priest, and their king. Are you ready to do the same?