Vision Sunday | Christ’s Last Orders | Matthew 28:16-20

Our Lord’s final commission to his disciples is still our most urgent mandate for all of our lives

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It is something we greatly long for, but the pews of our church will only be filled when God comes down in power. Most Christians will attend an average of 5,000 church services in their lifetimes, and yet impact less than ten people’s lives with the Gospel of Good News. We have been granted all authority by Jesus to go to all nations to do all that he commands us. And he is with us always! So why are we slow to go, and why are we scared to speak? We must be a church that goes to the lost and meets people who need this life-saving truth. We must give our lives away for others’ sake.


Are you ready to give your life away for the sake of reaching others with the gospel?
What holds you back from doing so?
Has God put someone in your life that doesn’t yet know Him?
What would it look like for you to actually live out the Great Commission?

Let 2015 be the year we each do this!