The World’s True King | Squatters Rights | Matthew 21:33-46

We often see signs of a bland culture devoid of purpose, ruining God’s intentions. Such ruinous actions can be reversed by Jesus.

Listen to the message

As humans, we like the idea of being on solid ground and having something beneath our feet. We want to have a firm place that God has given us – not to be squatting on land that doesn’t belong to us. In this passage, Jesus challenges religious leaders who have laid claim to a land they actually have no claim to. Religious and non-religious people down the centuries have forgotten God’s property and claimed ownership – citing their own pride and achievements as the reason for their success. Any claim we have on this planet is temporary, because we’ll all leave it one day. The housekeeper (God) is waiting to see if we will turn to him and thank him. Jesus’ Kingdom is going to be taken away from the dismissive but given to the submissive – which category do you fall into?


Six Questions to ask Yourself:

Who are you? What’s your worldview? How did you get here? What reason were you designed for? How long have you got left here? Where will you finally end up?

Further questions:

Can we trust Jesus and all he’s claimed to be?
Everyone will have to make their minds up about him – have you?