The World’s True King | Matthew 20: 20-34

Humbling the High and Raising the Low

Listen to the message


Jesus’ Kingdom is an upside-down one where greatness isn’t what the world makes it out to be. Jesus deals with a mum wanting greatness for her sons; wanting to push them forward to sit at his right hand. Jesus shows them that greatness in His Kingdom equals selfless service and pouring out your life, as he would demonstrate on the cross. Jesus then encounters two blind men who cry out to him for mercy. Despite being busy and ‘setting his face like flint’ towards Jerusalem, Jesus stops to listen to these men and to meet their needs. Faced with protests from an angry crowd, Jesus acts boldly, with compassion; granting dignity, purpose and healing to these humble men.



Are you too eager for power and greatness, biting off more than you can chew? Do you have a problem when others are blessed?

Are you willing to humble yourself and admit you can’t save yourself, allowing Jesus to guide you and use you for his purposes?

Are you worried that Jesus would never use/choose someone as bad or weak as you?

Do you see yourself as a person loved and wanted by The World’s True King?

Whose needs are you failing to meet because of your ‘busyness’? Are your eyes open to the needs around you?

How can you lay down your own life and comforts to help and serve God and others?