Miscellaneous | Psalm 16 | The Presence of the Lord

So often in life, especially during hard times, we forget one of the sweetest truths about God – He is always with us.

David finds his strength and joy in the presence of God, and this is a glorious, prophetic psalm about the supreme worth of God. David makes the bold statement that he has ‘no good apart from God’ (v1). David had endured many hardships, and been blessed with unimaginable riches. He had tasted both life’s bitterness and its sweetness. These words our no spiritual platitude: he needed God. We are no different.


Do you know what you give supreme worth and value to? It’s what we look to when things get shaken, what we look to for help. Is it talents? Marriage? Money? Self esteem?
Who will be your friend when you stand alone in death? Your sin, or Jesus?
God is always right before us. How does that change how you pray or worship?