Stress Relief | Psalm 131

Dismantling the proud noise machine inside you by finding peace in God

According to surveys, Londoners are the most stressed and least satisfied people in all all of England. Whoever we are, being stressed can be harmful to us, those around us, and, if we are Christians, be a really bad witness. Psalm 131 tells us how to walk out our faith, and get to the heart of this issue of stress. It shows us five simple steps: 1) Stop trying to rule the roost; 2) Stop meddling where you have no business; 3) Shut out the noise of things that don’t satisfy; 4) Learn the secret of contentment; and 5) Be certain of hope. You can break free of stress with God’s help.


Are you shutting out the voice of God when he is trying to speak to you?
What distractions do you need to flee from?
How could you find more time to tune into the voice of God?
Are you believing for a better tomorrow? – We have a glorious future to look forward to. Jesus has made this all possible – so even in the worst circumstances we can have hope.