Release | Singleness | 1 Corinthians 7: 1-9, 23-25

Even if you want to be married, don’t waste your single years!

Listen to the message

God doesn’t want anyone to be on their own in his kingdom because we are designed to be in community. But that doesn’t necessarily mean marriage is on the cards now or even in the future. The key thing that God wants from us, is to live the life that we are called to ‘right now’, not ‘when we find the special someone’. He may have geared you up for singleness right now and if that is the case then make the most of it, the bible says it is a gift! And some people are actually given that gift for their whole lives.

Three occasions that the long-term gift of singleness is present are:

  • You have no desire for an intimate relationship with the other sex.
  • You have been deprived of desires for the other sex.
  • You have been spiritual enabled by God to live as a ‘single’ for his glory.
  • If this is your situation then embrace it and don’t get distracted by culture’s pressures.

But maybe you don’t feel that is your life-long calling or maybe God will change your heart in the future. If that’s the case then God is calling you to be very wise. Don’t get disheartened, don’t be flirty, don’t act immature and don’t think you’re ‘on the shelf’. Know that God’s has a plan for your life and this right now is part of it. Therefore live faithfully in the present with an excitement for the future.


Have you got the gift of singleness?

Is life-long sexual containment possible for you?

Do you find complete fulfilment from relationships in other ways?