Release | Loneliness | John 20:19-29

No-one can live the Christian life completely alone. We were never meant to. Good relationships are central to all Jesus wants.

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Behind a huge number of the problems humans face, like depression, anxiety, alcoholism and even sexual infidelity you will often find a common denominator, loneliness. Loneliness can be caused by a wide array of things, whether it’s the attitude of others towards you or your attitude towards others, the outcome is always the same; an overwhelming sense of isolation. And it can truly cripple people if not treated properly. But loneliness is not an ingredient God wants our lives to include. From the start he gave Adam a soulmate and ever since, he has brought his people together under a clear commission “to love one another”. By dying on the cross, Jesus first reconciles us back to a right relationship with God, but he then also places us into a new and glorious family, the church. So what must we do? Simply accept the amazing gift he gives us and then in turn give ourselves to others.



Do you find yourself prone to feeling lonely despite being surrounded by people?

Does your loneliness come from not knowing God is with you?

What problems does your loneliness cause for you and others?

What holds you back from giving yourself to others?