Release | Resentment | Luke 17:1-10

People who’ve been harmed by others often bear scars and bitterness for years. Here’s the remedy.

Listen to the message

Unforgiveness is a major problem in society that is often not tackled correctly. It is a spiritual disease that destroys relationships, not only between individuals but also between us and God. In the death of Jesus, God declared all humans to be totally forgiven, if they would simply repent of their sin and accept his pardon. With this fact as a foundation, Jesus makes it very clear that we have no excuse to not forgive others, no matter what they’ve done, whether they accept it or not. We mustn’t brood before forgiving, we do it straight away. We cannot forgive partially while still holding a grudge, it must be 100%. And we have to always seek restoration and growth of God’s kingdom, not further harm. As Colossians says, “Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as The Lord forgave you.”


Who do you need to forgive?
Who do you need to ask for forgiveness from?
What holds you back from forgiving others?