Release | Lust | Genesis 2:20-25, John 4:1-18 

Affair-proofing your life.

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The Bible lays down guidance for all our lives, and as part of this, it strongly condemns adultery, yet champions sex in monogamous heterosexual marriages. Sex is a wonderful gift from God to mankind, that should be enjoyed. The commandment not to commit adultery prohibits us from using other people to satisfy our own sexual needs. Why is the Bible so strong in this? Does God want to spoil all our fun? These guidelines exist for the same reason we don’t water down fine wine, or pollute mountain streams. It’s wrong, and it’s not our right to take and pollute what is not ours. Sex in the wrong context is cheapened and devalued. Lust does something much more serious than theft: it cheapens God’s gift of sex.



Are you seeking to honour God in how you conduct your relationships?

Who’s first in having your total affection? If it’s not God, everything else is not going to do for you what you expect it to.

Do you need to seek forgiveness and healing for past hurts?