Release | Healing Past Hurts | Isaiah 61:1-7

Our review of true stories describing great harm to people, gives us all hope of healing by the power of God.

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The remedy to past hurts always has and always will be Jesus, and the resources God himself will give us. Many of us can put on the appearance of being happy, but inside there is hurt, pain and unforgiveness which is eating away at us. We need to openly acknowledge these feelings and grieve; cry out to God, then bring our problems under the lordship of Jesus Christ. There is always hope for recovery, no matter how dark the hole you are in. The remedies for our hurt include community, His truth, His Holy Spirit, His Healing, His Forgiveness. Sometimes the best things we’ll learn about God will be in suffering, because we’ll learn to cry out to him.



How long does it take you to bring your problems to God?

Are you part of a loving community – the church?

Do you want to get well?

Are you willing to desperately pursue and accept Christ’s healing?