Release | Lovelessness | Mark 10:13-16

Good relationships with God and others are central to everybody’s well-being.

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As Jesus rebukes the disciples in this passage we see two major things. First of all his love is unconditional and it stretches to the smelliest, snottiest, most undeserving individuals. Secondly, he is indignant of anyone or anything that would try and judge peoples’ worth by their achievements. The honest truth is that we have all sinned and are all ‘snotty children’ in front of God. But instead of rejecting us or waiting for us to grow up, he simply embraces us and loves us deeply. He doesn’t want our certificates of achievement, he wants us!


  (these children = us!)


How do you measure someone’s worth?

Do you know that God loves you not because of achievement, but simply because you are his child?