Mythbusters 3 | The Bible Has Nothing to Say to Me?  

Don’t mistakenly judge the most popular and precious book by it’s cover; read it and make up your own mind.

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Many people misjudge the Bible because of things they cynically hear¬†others say about it, like it’s just embellished legend or it’s inconsistent and full of errors. But these objections can be easily dispelled when we look at the evidence. The New Testament and particularly the gospels are early eye-witness evidence of what actually took place two thousand years ago. The manuscript evidence is unrivaled and the contextual and cultural of the accuracy of details like names and geography is unparalleled. The most convincing argument for the Bible, however, is that it authenticates itself, through its unity of message, its fulfilled prophecies and its inner witness of God speaking to your heart. The only way for a person to know whether this is true of course, is to read the Bible for themselves, with an open mind, asking God to reveal himself to them. And then you may well find, along with millions of others, that you’re not just reading the Bible, it, or rather God, is reading you!


Have you found the love and acceptance that’s available for you in the pages of Scripture in the person of Jesus Christ?
Is it time you stopped judging the Bible by its cover and read it?