Mythbusters 4 | Christianity is just a list of dos and don’ts?  

Religions says you must obey and God will love you. Christianity says God loves you therefore you will obey.

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It is understandable why people believe this myth. Ever since the Church started gaining traction in different nations, the ‘human condition’ has kicked in and grace has replaced law. Humans naturally play a game of moral high jump with one another, expecting everyone else to leap over their bar and reach their standards. The problem with this is that as we judge others we also pronounce judgment on ourselves. Jesus confronts people who use the Old Testament law to puff themselves up by using it against them. As soon as we can get off our moral high-horses we see that all of us have actually fallen well short of the standards God sets for us. Therefore we are totally worthy of His righteous punishment for our failures. But the story doesn’t stop there! The gospel is the good news that there is a way out of this ‘prison cell’ into the freedom of heaven. When Jesus hung on the cross, He hung there in our place so that we wouldn’t have to. By putting our faith in Him we receive a totally undeserved prize that He attained for His perfect life. This is the grace that we must never forget!


Are you trying to earn God’s favour with your good works?

Do you look down on others for not being ‘up to your standards’?