Mythbusters 2 | Science Has Disproved God? 

Many think there’s a conflict between science and the Bible. True science comes from God.

Listen to the message

Many believe that religion and science are complete enemies. However, it is possible for the two to be reconciled as friends. We all have foundational assumptions we believe are true in our lives – these shape our view of reality and mean that all facts are interpreted facts – through whichever lens we view the world. Many people want to get rid of theology entirely and replace it with science, some want to separate the two completely, but actually when handled correctly the two are completely compatible. Through the Bible we find God’s revelation to us, about his processes and purposes for mankind and all of creation. Science, if done properly without bias, will always reveal to us results that line up with how God works out those processes and purposes. This has been witnessed by thousands of God-believing scientists through the centuries and continues today.


How do you explain such order and apparent design in the universe?

Are you biased before you look at the results of science?

Do you reflect on how incredible the creator must be of this amazing creation?