Mother’s Day | Raising Children of Destiny | Luke 5-20; 39-44

An old Jewish proverb says: “God could not be everywhere so He made mothers!”

Listen to the message

Marriage was designed and instituted by the Lord as the strong foundation of any society. The Bible endorses honouring of mothers and is filled with counsel on bringing up children – any mother to children any age would be wise to heed its advice. If you long to be a mother, look at Elizabeth, who was old in years, yet still gave birth to John. Or consider Mary, who was a virgin, and yet still bore Jesus in her womb! God alone is the one who gives us power to conceive, and he has something special in mind for our children.


How do you care for your own mother?
If you are a parent, do you seek God’s wisdom daily in raising your children?
If you are trying to conceive, do you believe God for a miracle?