Greg Haslam | Longing for God | Isaiah 64:1-12

“The greatest thing that could happen to any church is a visitation by the awesome presence of God”

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For all the things churches strive after, want and desire there should be one thing every day that is pursued more than anything; the presence of God! All too often the church can find itself in a trench of preoccupation, getting distracted by a bunch of things that, whilst being good things, must not be our number one priority. Nothing is more important than God being among his people. However there are things that get in the way and skew our attention away from this necessity. Three of these are self-satisfaction, self-reliance and self-absorption. They give us a horrible, ‘I can do it without God’ mentality and are major factors in the demise of many churches worldwide. What God wants from us instead is to have an expectation, a desperation, a longing for him to be with us. Do you have that longing for God?


What are you longing for and desperate to see in 2015?
Do you expect God to do things this year?
If you’re not content, why aren’t you desperate?