Lambs Amongst Wolves | Luke 10:1-12

Jesus is not the shepherd of wolves but the shepherd of sheep.

Listen to the message

Jesus sent his disciples out to the wolves, knowing they would face fierce opposition, but that there was a harvest for the taking. The same applies now: all over the world, the harvest is plentiful but there are few workers willing to go and live among ‘wolves’. Jesus is looking for people to live as lambs: dumb, innocent, weak and surrendered to him, rather than as lions or wolves defining their own destiny. He sends us defenceless so he gets all the glory… our best defence is our total dependence and trust in him.



Is it possible that Jesus wants to send you?

Do you want Jesus to be your shepherd? Are you willing to become a dumb and innocent lamb rather than a lion controlling their own destiny?

Are you in constant ear and eye contact with heaven?

Are there wolves around you? Is there a situation facing you where you need courage?