Ephesians | Tonight We Will Fake Love  | Ephesians 4:29-5:14

Our embarrassing past, and our brand new future!

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Paul is continuing to address the life change Christians must undergo once they have been saved. In this passage he concentrates on their old sexual practices that had come from the ungodly culture. God invented sex and designed the relationship in which it should exist. When correct union occurs God takes great pleasure in it, He deems it ‘good’. This comes from leaving our parents, cleaving to our spouse, weaving our lives together and conceiving new life for God’s glory. We must begin by admitting responsibility for our own mistakes (sexual impurities, crudeness etc…) and stop making excuses for them. We then break from them and start to change the culture around us, living by a different tune of love, holiness and fruitfulness.


Do you make excuses for your sins rather than accepting them?
Which culture do you reflect? God’s or the world’s?
Who plays the tune by which you live? Jesus or culture?