Ephesians Series | Reasons to be Cheerful | Ephesians 1:15-23

Raising our faith in God to a higher level

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In the passage we looked at last week, Paul opened up a treasure-trove of God’s favours. Now he models some of the thankful responses we can return to Him. We can and should celebrate the gains of the gospel in our lives now, but thankfulness is often rare among Christians. We should be so Christ-intoxicated that everything we do revolves around Him. A natural consequence of this will be more fervent and earnest prayer – we need to seek God in order to unlock His hidden resources. Another consequence is that our lives should display benevolence: we should be on a ‘blessing mission’, not a ‘begging mission’.


Does your life and attitude reflect thankfulness to God?
What steps are you taking to become more thankful?
Are you eager to display this thankfulness in your life so that others can find Jesus too?