Ephesians | Celebrating God’s Salvation | Ephesians 1:3-14

Discovering God’s Riches for All

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Paul’s visit to Ephesus lasted three years and a lot happened in those years! During this time, he modelled how to spread the gospel – in a surprisingly simple way. Instead of gimmicks, tricks and bribes, Paul demonstrated extraordinary confidence in the power of the gospel, spoken clearly for all to hear. The whole city eventually heard this great news! Refusing to hide Jesus away, Paul passionately preached in Jewish synagogues and elsewhere on neutral ground (a lecture hall – ‘The Hall of Tyrannus’). The gospel he preached is the same truth today and offers nothing but blessings.


If you’re a Christian, have you ever asked ‘why me?’
Do you recognise the enormity of being rescued from imprisonment?
Do you want God to move amazingly in London too?