Easter Sunday | The Resurrection Conspiracy | Mathew 27:62 – 65/28:11 – 15

Have you been deceived into disbelieving what took place two thousand years ago in Jerusalem?

Many of us have been brought up to think a certain way about our world. But what if, like ‘Neo’ in The Matrix, we have been deceived – and tricked into believing a conspiracy that could change our entire eternal destiny? In the first century AD, when the Jewish authorities heard that Jesus had been raised to life, they paid their soldiers a ‘large sum of money’ to tell people Jesus’ disciples came to the tomb in the night and stole His body… and this is the myth that has been largely circulated to this day. This is the real conspiracy. If, as evidence suggests, the resurrection really happened, isn’t it worth looking into?


Are you chasing after counterfeits when Jesus is offering you the real deal?
Is it possible that you are feeling there’s more to life than you realised?
Have you thought about what’s at stake here?
Do you realise one day you’ll die? Wouldn’t you like to stare death in the face?